The Breakfast Club

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                                 Bag-Primark-Coat-French Connection-Boots-Topshop-Jumper-Massimo Dutti-Jeans-Paige-Sunnies-RB

Writing this is making me hungry...

I feel like we're really heading head first into winter now. The temperature's dropped, parka's are out and the red cups are everywhere! There's only 2 things I want to do in this weather, stay warm and eat. Lots. 

The breakfast club is one of my favourite London spots for a pilled high plate for good prices, dotted all around London there is probably one near you. My favourite is nestled in Soho (when the que isn't round the block, so choose your time wisely! I recommend 3:30-6:00) Not really breakfast time, but this food is great  all day, everyday!
I went for the 'All American': Pancakes, Bacon, Potatoes, Sausages and Eggs with lots of maple syrup! My friend went for the same, but with a cheeky choccy milkshake as well!
Apologies for the lack of photo's, I was just too excited to eat!
I can't recommend it enough, the food is perfect for this time of year.

P x

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  1. I love the breakfast club, the pancakes are delicious. I love your boots!

    The Beauty Load

    1. They are the best, I'm so addicted!
      Aw thank you, they've lasted me so well :)
      Love your blog by the way!

      P x